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Roberta Baird [fri 8 aug 08, 00:18]


Sonia Cantara [wed 6 aug 08, 18:40]

I took a look on your blog and WOW! Your work is really something! Love it! Congratullations!

Joanna Huffaker [wed 6 aug 08, 16:15]

That's the hugest wand I've ever seen. Great expression on the character's face!

Bella Sinclair [wed 6 aug 08, 07:47]

Oh, this is fantastic! Love the polka dots, love that great big wand, love the medium!

Vickie [wed 6 aug 08, 06:17]

It's so fun and colorful.

valgalart [wed 6 aug 08, 03:12]

i love this :)

Margot [tue 5 aug 08, 23:43]

That wand packs a lot of Poof!, I'll bet, and she likes it! So do I.

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