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Tammie [thu 29 may 08, 06:46]

This is very cute, made me laugh out loud. Love the little guy hanging upside down, but of course. Just a great contrast and those big big eyes. Fun.

pascal [mon 26 may 08, 01:44]

Very nice piece, I like the colors and the contrast.

willie [sun 25 may 08, 17:19]

Whhooooooooooooooooo? Me?

Roberta Baird [fri 23 may 08, 22:59]

What a fresh style!

Woody [fri 23 may 08, 22:57]

This piece is great, the owl is perfect! Love the contrast of the owl and bat!

Connie Martin [fri 23 may 08, 21:02]

Love your thick lines. My kind of illustration.

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