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curious art [fri 15 feb 08, 01:10]

First time to your blog-- it's fun! I especially like the flea circus. Funny, we have one longhaired marmalade kitty & one shorthaired black, but they're siblings, not sweethearts. Still, they might want to send this card!

valgalart [thu 14 feb 08, 20:50]

very retro and i love it!

jim [thu 14 feb 08, 20:14]

Ooops, sorry, forgot to leave my name!

That's very good - how to make the right choice??? [thu 14 feb 08, 20:13]

kim [thu 14 feb 08, 19:24]

I love this idea!

studio lolo [thu 14 feb 08, 16:08]

I love the opposites!! Very nice!

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