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Illustration Friday is a weekly creative outlet/participatory art exhibit for illustrators and artists. This week's topic is:


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emila yusof [fri 19 okt 07, 09:05]

Great illo! I love it! I also love the colors you use--they're my favourite!

mrs b. [fri 19 okt 07, 05:56]

really wonderful technique, very spontaneous!

guusjedixie [thu 18 okt 07, 18:05]

very beautiful!

lil kim [thu 18 okt 07, 14:58]

love it! what a great idea.

lavandula [thu 18 okt 07, 13:25]

I just have felt in love

mike r baker [wed 17 okt 07, 20:59]


DAP [wed 17 okt 07, 16:55]

very nice!!

nemo [wed 17 okt 07, 08:56]

beautiful!It makes me smile.

Danielle [wed 17 okt 07, 04:03]

This is wonderful Lovely use of colour and technique.

Laurel Neustadter [wed 17 okt 07, 01:31]

Extremely cute!

Digital Scott [wed 17 okt 07, 01:08]

Orange and blue, my favorite colors!!! Great work. Delightful.

fossfor [tue 16 okt 07, 19:05]

this is a cool cat with great shapes and colours

sheree [tue 16 okt 07, 16:17]

really beautiful! love the concept and the colors.

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