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[wed 17 okt 07, 03:14]

As a tyrolean I must say I probably won´t marry in Lederhosen!;)Nice illustration!

Sandra [fri 21 sep 07, 02:37]

Hihi, well here's some new info :-)Brilliant!

Marci Senders [wed 19 sep 07, 03:59]

So funny!

cathie [mon 17 sep 07, 23:24]

fun! whimsical. don't know where Lederhosen is...

Paul Bommer [mon 17 sep 07, 23:14]

hehethat is so brilliantI really love your styleand humourexcellent!

boyfriend [mon 17 sep 07, 22:58]

Ok ok, but if we're not marrying in Lederhosen, can I at least hang my George Michael poster back on the wall? Gotta have something!

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