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threebuttontrick [fri 13 apr 07, 11:10]

this is beautiful.

Theresa S [fri 13 apr 07, 05:39]

Aw, this is so sweet. I love the textures and fun colors. Great job!Cheers,Theresa

MrsB [thu 12 apr 07, 22:52]

So warm and calming, very nice work!

Emma [thu 12 apr 07, 22:25]

Nice work! I like the part woodcut, part cut paper feel of this.

mike r baker [thu 12 apr 07, 21:40]

Super sweet! I love the colors and the chunky lines. A wonderful piece.

Chrissie A [thu 12 apr 07, 21:35]

Lovely design! I like the stylization and the colors.

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