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get zapped [tue 3 apr 07, 17:57]

It's different, but very interesting and I see more and more as I study it.

scribblesk [thu 29 mar 07, 06:12]

This is wild! I think spiders really do have purple lips!

Ellen Byrne [tue 27 mar 07, 16:56]

now this guy makes a statement! very powerful, like it a lot!

benconservato [tue 27 mar 07, 07:23]

oh, very nice! Very clever.

studio lolo [mon 26 mar 07, 06:26]

Wow...very spidery and a good way!!

Vanmo [sun 25 mar 07, 14:18]

Wow! Ik vind hem mooi! Die ogen komen me erg bekend voor trouwens.

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