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[thu 8 mar 07]
This was the way I went to sleep every night when I was small. I thought that if I hid between enough stuffed animals, the monsters wouldn't find me. Dog 'Droef' had to be over my neck, so that if a vampire wanted to bite me, he would bite the dog instead. Not very nice of me, now I've come to think of it...

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guusje dixie [mon 12 mar 07, 22:20]

I believe now you have JW

Bethany [fri 9 mar 07, 06:19]

I love how some of the animals are keeping watch. And your choice of colors is intriguing.

michael dailey [fri 9 mar 07, 00:32]

lov th ecolors and texturescute assortment of friends

Vanmo [thu 8 mar 07, 18:09]

Mooie kleuren! Vroeger had ik precies zo'n droefhond. Ook zo'n lang model met hangoren. Bij mij moest hij over mijn voeten. Niet omdat ik bang was dat een vampier daar in ging bijten maar omdat die altijd zo koud waren.

Christie [thu 8 mar 07, 15:20]

This is adorable, and a wonderful interpretation of the theme.

Michelle Houston [thu 8 mar 07, 14:52]

What a nice arrangment of colors and shapes. I love the cat all curled up on the bed. I also used to feel safer with my stuffed animals.

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