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Sweet Pea [thu 1 mar 07, 17:16]

Such a sweet illustration and his tiny teeth are hilarious :)

robert blake [wed 28 feb 07, 20:55]

cant beat that smile

Vanmo [wed 28 feb 07, 20:29]

Hahaha ik zei het toch....

Halloweenville [wed 28 feb 07, 18:45]

so cute!

claudine hellmuth [wed 28 feb 07, 05:04]

love it! esp the bee's teeth!!

guusje dixie [tue 27 feb 07, 14:28]

It is very funny, I like it

Shano [tue 27 feb 07, 05:15]

Hee! I love this. Especially the bee's teeth. Thanks for the chuckle.

michael dailey [tue 27 feb 07, 00:20]

now thats communicating on a large scale nice work

Monica [tue 27 feb 07, 00:05]

I really like it! Great colors and design, very clean lines, so simple yet so expressive!

Zara [mon 26 feb 07, 23:09]

Great character design, I like the way the text is incorporated into the line of movement!

get zapped [mon 26 feb 07, 21:44]


erika [mon 26 feb 07, 19:49]

:) he he

Michelle Houston [mon 26 feb 07, 17:30]

This guy is very funny. Very cute.

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