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Illustration Friday is a weekly creative outlet/participatory art exhibit for illustrators and artists. This week's topic is:


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Jana Bouc [sun 10 sep 06, 19:15]

Fantastic! I love the art and the unique take on the concept!

jmanu [sun 10 sep 06, 18:38]

great concept andI love the line styleyou could make a pretty coaster series...I buy it!

aynaku [sun 10 sep 06, 18:22]

funny variations on the same theme...interesting work, indeed.

Zara [sun 10 sep 06, 18:12]

Great images and wonderful take on the theme!

MrsB [sun 10 sep 06, 17:20]

I love these, clever variation on the theme, and great line quality!!

pip [sun 10 sep 06, 16:10]

very funky animals, almost as bizzare as the song

Michelle Lana [sun 10 sep 06, 15:57]


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