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Susan [sat 9 sep 06, 14:06]

love the lino cut!!!

lx [sat 9 sep 06, 02:39]

i have always admired ppl who could do lino work. This is great!

mary [fri 8 sep 06, 19:28]

I love both the technique and the message. Wonderful.

mary stebbins taitt [fri 8 sep 06, 19:27]

This is so cute. It is comforting and soothing to look at! Mary :-D

scribblesk [thu 7 sep 06, 19:40]

What a lovely image!

Abigail [thu 7 sep 06, 00:57]

I like the concept very much - and the woodcut is lovely!

MrsB [wed 6 sep 06, 05:40]

this is adorable and so well executed! really liked your piece on 3TU as well!

Geninne [wed 6 sep 06, 05:21]

Beautiful your linocut art :o)

erika [tue 5 sep 06, 20:57]

great subject and treatment. so nice!

Joanne [tue 5 sep 06, 17:11]

Very nice. Great colors. It feels safe and warm.

Frizz [tue 5 sep 06, 14:46]

So cool! I love all your stuff!!

Muffin [tue 5 sep 06, 07:27]

This is really sweet, I like it a lot! Lovely colors. (: Lino cut is so beautiful.

pip [tue 5 sep 06, 05:15]

this is a sweet illo. i like this technique

troglodyte mignon [tue 5 sep 06, 02:42]


kat [tue 5 sep 06, 02:12]

very sweet, i love the wood cut style

stacey m [tue 5 sep 06, 02:07]

beautiful illo! i love the wood cut style and the subject is great!

Michelle Lana [tue 5 sep 06, 00:11]

Great piece! lovely.

Anja [mon 4 sep 06, 23:26]


Regina [mon 4 sep 06, 22:40]

gorgeous lino cut. Lovely idea!

Kaitlin Choi [mon 4 sep 06, 22:37]

This so unique and great. I like the nest on the head and the feet, and the use of print for the grass.

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