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Muffin [wed 5 jul 06, 16:58]

Funny. (:

Marion [wed 5 jul 06, 10:28]

Cute and funny.

FRANFOU [wed 5 jul 06, 05:12]

illustration of a classic joke !!! well done !

irisz [tue 4 jul 06, 09:55]

oh it's just so funny, i can't stop to laugh, very good idea.. i would like to know the result, but who will try this ever?

baggelboy [mon 3 jul 06, 19:18]

Its almost like a zen type ying and yang thing.

benconservato [sun 2 jul 06, 20:46]

HA!I had a little chuckle to myself here. Very clever. Poor kitty.

serline [sun 2 jul 06, 19:38]

At a glance, I thought it's a jack pot. Cute!

rosa murillo [sun 2 jul 06, 17:26]

it's clever! i loved the concept, and the drawing!

Zara [sun 2 jul 06, 11:50]

Haha, genius! Love it!

Jana Bouc [sun 2 jul 06, 09:59]

Really creative and original. I love the drawing and the concept!

Gingerpixels [sun 2 jul 06, 01:05]

It is a wonderful way to ultimately solve an age old problem. Great illustration and good thinking!

joe [sat 1 jul 06, 18:26]

ha ha very funny and well donebravo!

Maysun [sat 1 jul 06, 17:06]

What is the fate of a kitty with the buttered bread inside? :-)

k*m [sat 1 jul 06, 16:48]

i love this!

Lisa [sat 1 jul 06, 16:45]

Very interesting hypothesis :).

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