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catnapping [thu 10 aug 06, 16:19]

this is pretty cool. an excellent black and might wish to enter it at this site:

Lori Witzel [mon 17 apr 06, 04:46]

A really nifty idea -- very witty!

Joel Chua [sat 15 apr 06, 16:43]

Brilliant design.

MD [sat 15 apr 06, 13:10]

This is faboulous! I love the idea of the spots describing the animal and inspite of the spots I immediately "read" zebra and saw stripes!! Weird!MD

Mara [sat 15 apr 06, 09:52]

Hahaha... erg grappig!

Joan Lansberry [sat 15 apr 06, 09:01]

Very cute! Thanks for the smiles...

Joel Haas [sat 15 apr 06, 03:43]

really sophisticated design and I love the gentle humor and irony!Joel Haas,

The Unknown [sat 15 apr 06, 00:09]

Great stuff. Really cool.

kirsty [sat 15 apr 06, 00:04]

that is actually really cool!

Pati @-;-- [sat 15 apr 06, 00:01]

I love the way spots set the form. Great idea and beautifully done.

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